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The Source 2000 team collectively has over 100 years of experience within our territories, with our manufacturers and serving our customers. 

What We Do? 

We are the sales team for several preferred suppliers serving virtually all manufacturing markets imaginable, from Aerospace to Medical, from Commercial to Agricultural. If you are outsourcing components, we can help.

We cover the MANA territory in the upper Midwest, including North & South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Manitoba and are in the process of expanding our reach to Kansas and Missouri. 

Who We Serve?


As a buyer we know your job isn't easy. You are inundated with information, restricted by executives, relied on by production and challenged by engineers. 

Buyers prefer our suppliers because our goal is to partner with you so that information is accessible, executives expectations are met, production is on time and engineering gets solutions. 

Why Work With Us?

Our vast supplier-list enables us to target the best customers for the best manufacturers. Yes, you can google and get a list of machine shops. However, when you work with a manufacturer representative, you are offered insights to the supplier that you can't get from a website. We know our suppliers' lead times, open machine times, freight costs, customer segments, certifications, staffing needs and expertise.  


Bill O'Sullivan

Bill works exclusively with executive accounts and leads the Source 2000 team. As founder and President, Bill has pioneered the success of countless manufacturers, customers, and teammates. If you have had the pleasure of working with Bill, you know he has a very distinct way of thinking. He is inquisitive and a collector of information. He analyzes people, processes and perspectives. He finds information exciting and enjoys the infinite variety and complexity of learning new patterns and behaviors. His ability to listen, understand, strategize and implement is the reason people trust him, follow him and respect him.

Jason Bretz

Jason covers a select number of executive accounts and manages our Canadian territory. He has been with Source 2000 since 1998 and has become one of the most recognizable faces on the team. His work ethic is irrefutably a strength, but his success goes beyond his work and into his relationships. Jason has a very clear value system that puts people first and foremost. He gives because he genuinely believes people deserve the best. If you have had the pleasure of working with Jason, you know that his efforts far exceeds the rest.

Tim McCarthy

Tim covers the Southwestern side of Minnesota, Eastern Iowa and all of South Dakota. He has been with Source 2000 since 2018. Tim’s strength is in his ability to listen, reason and resolve concerns from customers. He is adept at conversational selling by finding areas of agreement and or modifying his own objectives to meet the needs and demands of the customer. Appreciation of others is a guiding value and a strength he brings to our team


Curt Wilbur

Curt covers the Northeastern side Minnesota and all of Wisconsin. He has been with Source 2000 since 1996 and has been a tremendous asset to both customers and principals.  Curt has a knack for deepening relationships and taking them from a simple, “Hi! How are you?” to understanding completely a customer’s wants, needs, goals, and obstacles. Curt has experienced success because he is a partner to his customers.  He understands the risks of sharing and of working together, but also has seen firsthand, the rewards and success an organization can have when that trust and transparency is built, aligned and acted on.

Brad Wolff

Brad covers the Southern third of Minnesota and the Western two thirds of Iowa. He has been with Source 2000 since 1999 and has been an integral part of our team.  Brad connects well with customers. He is always looking to identify roadblocks. He engages with Customers on the front end to assess the Customers needs in order to direct them through the barriers. He is excellent at identifying, assessing and ultimately reducing risks. He plans ahead, anticipates risks and needs, and ultimately delivers consistent and exceptional work.

Kendra O'Sullivan

Kendra works internally supporting the sales team and manufacturers with marketing materials, campaigns and select account initiatives. Kendra joined the Source 2000 team in 2019 and has brought a fresh perspective to the team with her previous experience in IT recruiting for Fortune 500 companies. Kendra’s sales strength comes from an innate value in ownership.  Ownership to one’s own decisions. This means you can count on her to form conclusions, make decisions, and act on them with self-assurance and determination to see its success.

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